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I’m looking for someone who’s willing to design a book cover (within reasonable charge) for my upcoming ebook! Preferably people who are familiar with digital art. If you’re interested, message me for details.
Bloodborne Character Sheet - Tessa
Bloodborne Character Sheet Obtained Here!:…

I had a lot of fun making this, thank you to user 3933911 for making this sheet!

NOTE: I'll probably be updating the screenshot since her outfit isn't accurate to what the sheet says (older photo and want to get a full-body shot).

For what you can't read, here's what it says:

Name: Tessa 'Tess'

Age: 19

Height: 130 cm (5'3")

Weight: 43 kg (97 lbs)

Gender: Tessa is a girl's name. Sooo...

Voice: Young (Lucy Briggs-Owen! Heart  )

Origin: Violent Past (Tried to answer honestly, can't remember what I picked considering I'm level 200+)

Covenant: Vilebloods (Betrayed)

Attire: Maria's Cap & Hunter Set (B) - the one without the cape. She would have originally worn the Noble Dress with Choir Trousers or the Cainhurst Knight Set, prior to her leave.

Weapon: The Hunter Axe, as she loves hard and heavy combat. And for her firearm, Evelyn; a Cainhurst favorite.

Likes: Hunting. Her Axe (She even named it). Cold Weather, since she grew up in a snowy climate. Challenges. She jumps right into a fight with any beast; the bigger they are, the more exciting!

Dislikes: Executioners (When she finds out they slaughtered what remained of her home). Being underestimated; Tessa is a girl. And she's small. She has the typical frame of a young lady that would be better practicing feminine acts; she toned up the best she could and went through hell to reach the same ranks a man could. Being controlled; this is pretty obvious. Tell her to do one thing, she'll do whatever she wants. Beasts... (no brainer).

Family: Her father died during the hunt when she was an infant and her mother took ill when she was three. Her 'family' consisted of the other Cainhurst Nobles surrounding her and her Queen, Annalise. She was fond of the men who trained her, no matter how hard they were on her. Now she has nothing left to lose after they all became beasts and she found out Annalise's true intentions.

Significant Other (This goes back to a fanfic of the entire Bloodborne story I never wrote that would have had four main characters, Tess being one of them) : Aidan Yamamura. Initially untrusting of her upon discovering her Vileblood origins (he is a member of the Healing Church Workshop). However, he realized that their so-called 'pure blood' wasn't as blessed as he thought. He realizes that he was wrong to blame the beastly scourge on the Vilebloods, and feels betrayed that the healing church had caused the outbreak. When they kill the source of their 'pure blood,' Ebrietas, together, Aidan says "I killed the world." Referring to his involvement with blood healing. Tessa, however, knows that the Vilebloods are also to blame, and says, "We killed the world." She kisses him, "Now we'll revive it."

Friends (These would have been the other main protagonists of the fic): Alexandre, the Foreigner, Noel of Byrgenwerth, and Aidan Yamamura (seen above). Another one she finds kindred spirit in, is Arianna, woman of the night.

Enemies: All beasts must die! Oh, and The Bloody Crow of Cainhurst is out for her life for betraying the Queen... no big deal.

Born into Cainhurst Nobility, Tessa wanted to train to become a Knight and serve under her Queen, Annalise. Although she was belittled for her small stature and inability to match the men in muscle, her aggressive and stubborn tendencies that bordered on violence were able to get her far. On the evening before she was to be knighted, she discovered that the hunters she trained with had become hideous monstrosities. She was forced to kill the very people she grew up with.

Tessa couldn't understand why they had transformed until she realized the truth: that Annalise sought the blood of beast hunters so that she could bear a new heir to the throne. The very blood that turned her kin into monsters! Not only was Tessa shaken by the fact that the scourge of beasts was her Queen's doing, but she couldn't stand the thought of killing the very people she so admired, for hunters were so stout and brave!

And so, Tessa slipped away from Cainhurst to become a hunter of her own kind, hearing that the town Yharnam was full of danger and people who needed her skills.

This betrayal did not go unheard by the Queen, however...

Personality Traits: Brash, impulsive, courageous, noble, impatient, compassionate, understanding, and she is smart, it's just her recklessness doesn't show it. Also, quirky and confident, sometimes cocky.

Hogwarts House (IMPORTANT): Gryffindor - Where Dwell the Brave At Heart
I’m looking for someone who’s willing to design a book cover (within reasonable charge) for my upcoming ebook! Preferably people who are familiar with digital art. If you’re interested, message me for details.


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